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Beast † Blood Volume 2

Beast † Blood Volume 2 Cover

Genres: Science Fiction, Alien Romance, Action, Futuristic, Smut, Josei, Cyberpunk, Mature

Completed Series

Format: Print & Ebook
Price: Digital $8.99 USD Print $14.99 USD

By Sato Fumino

Illustration Akira Egawa
Translation Charis Messier

Zelaide has acknowledged Euphemia as his lifelong mate, but the humans who want to tear them apart and overrun Gothic City with Nightz are on the move. And so are the other Beast Bloods who call Gothic City home. Is the love between a Beast Blood and a human powerful enough to overcome the trials they must face?

Warning: Beast Blood contains action-packed Sci-Fi violence, attempted sexual assault, dark themes, steamy and sexy romance scenes, alien romance, and other trigger-worthy adult situations.