Cross Infinite World

Gleam Volume 2

Gleam Vol. 2 Cover

Genres: Modern Fantasy, Action, Romance, Drama, School Life, Shoujo

Format: Electronic Book
Price: $8.99 US

Story and Art by Aya Shirosaki

Translation Charis Messier

Life in Japan is everything Salia had hoped for and more. But with each passing day the forces targeting her draw ever closer—forces which also include her dear friends Yuza and Shuri, who both harbor ulterior motives set by their respective countries. While Prince Yuza finds himself torn between loyalty to his country and his growing affection for Salia, Shuri’s plans to captivate Salia come up against difficulties as other parties begin to make their move, including an infamous terrorist known as Karma. Besieged on all fronts, who are Salia’s true friends and who are her enemies?

Gleam Volume 2