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I Became the Secretary of a Hero Volume 2

I Became the Secretary of a Hero Volume 2

Genres: Fantasy, Another World, Adventure, Isekai, Shoujo, Romance, Heroes, LitRPG


Format: Ebook
Price: $8.99 US

By Tsukasa Yamazaki

Illustration Kiyu Kanae
Translation Charis Messier

Things are heating up between the secretary and her hero at long last!

Separated from the rest of their party in the Ancient Ruins, Aki and Elias finally have time to define their relationship. But a deadly trap set by the Shadow Tribe pushes them both to awaken powers that demand a price.

Meanwhile, Leo and Johann are facing an equally dangerous threat that puts everything they believe in to the test. Will the Hero Party be able to regroup before it’s too late?!