Cross Infinite World

Character Profiles

Aki Character Profile Picture

Aki Konishi Heroine

Age: 23

Job: Hero’s Secretary/Archer

Description: I’ll do anything to save my little sister, even if it means diving into a world of heroes, villains, and monsters!

Elias Character Profile Picture

Elias Leland Hero

Age: 25

Job: Hero

Description: Since I was a child I’ve fought for the people, to be the hero they all need me to be. Fighting monsters and preparing for that day when I confront the Dark Lord is what I live for…but who will save me? Who will be my hero?

Leo Character Profile

Leo Gaines Mage

Age: 23

Job: Mage

Description: Our world’s filled with mysteries, and I’ll unveil them all. When I’m done the darkest of secrets will be dragged into the light—and I won’t let them stop me.

Johann Character Profile Picture

Johann Clarence Priest

Age: 20

Job: Priest

Description: I was born a citizen of the oldest and most powerful nation in the world, a nation of priests striving to serve the people and the Goddess’ will… It is all a lie, our very oaths are a lie, and yet I can never tell anyone. For all the lies must remain secret, so that others might live.

Nako Character Profile Picture

Nako Konishi Dark Lord’s Fiancée

Age: 20

Job: Dark Lord’s Fiancée

Description: My dreams have always been filled with faraway lands, of places where magic and mystery fill the world. People tell me it’s because I was deathly sick as a child that I have a wild imagination, but I knew it was real when he reached out his hand to me and I took it. If only I could’ve reassured my sister… How could I have gotten her into our mess?

dark_lord Character Profile Picture

Kerdes Noin (Kerdy) Dark Lord

Age: 25

Job: Dark Lord

Description: Nako is my fiancée and I’ll do whatever necessary to keep her by my side.