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Even Dogs Go to Other Worlds: Life in Another World with My Beloved Hound Volume 4

Even Dogs Go to Other Worlds Vol. 4 Cover

Genres: Fantasy, Isekai (Another World), Shounen, Romance, Cute Fluffy Animals, Dogs / Fenrir, Adventure, Cultivation, Heartwarming



Format: Print, Ebook & Audiobook
Price: Digital $7.99 USD Print $13.99 USD

By Ryuuou

Illustration Ririnra
Translation Mittt Liu

A Slow Life Where There’s Always Someone To Welcome You Home!

Together, Takumi and Leo were successful in warding off the Orc attack on the village of Lange. A fake merchant they find there finally tells them what they need to know—the Yugard store in Ractos is selling diluted medicine to people. Takumi and company are outraged at the dark truths that come to light.

“All preparations have been made, milady.”

“We’re finally ready to take on the Yugard store now.”

Finally, the time has come for the vile merchants to pay for their crimes!