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Onmyoji and Tengu Eyes: The Spirit Hunters of Tomoe

Onmyoji and Tengu Eyes Cover

Genres: Supernatural, Mystery, Spirit Hunters, Bromance, Yokai, Onmyoji, Tengu, Drama, Josei

Onmyoji and Tengu Eyes: The Spirit Hunters of Tomoe



Format: Print & Ebook
Price: Digital $7.99 USD Print $13.99 USD

By Yoshiko Utamine

Illustration Yone Kazuki
Translation Kai Sadler

A Supernatural Mismatch Made in Heaven

Paranormal incidents heat up when two mysterious men cross paths in Tomoe, a small town in Hiroshima with a long history of supernatural encounters.

Misato Miyazawa is a strikingly beautiful young man with a troubled past. Born to a distinguished family of onmyoji—specialists in divination—Misato is no stranger to the occult. That’s why he jumps at the chance to join the Abnormal Disaster Unit in Tomoe’s Town Hall Crisis Management Division, a unit more commonly known as The Spirit Hunters.

Enter Ryouji Karino, a fiery, handsome man with peculiar green and silver eyes. Working as a freelance monk and raised by a man claiming to be a tengu, Ryouji is by no means an average citizen. When he finds Misato in a sticky situation, he ‘kindly’ steps in, and the mismatched pair end up living together.

What dark mysteries will unravel before them as they attempt to confront paranormal happenings under the constraints of government rules?