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Revolutionary Reprise of the Blue Rose Princess

Revolutionary Reprise of the Blue Rose Princess Cover

Genres: Time Rewind, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Enemies to Lovers, Royalty, Time Travel, Second Chances, Rewriting History


Full Eng Title: Revolutionary Reprise of the Blue Rose Princess


Format: Print & Ebook
Price: Digital $7.99 USD & Paperback $14.99 USD

By Roku Kaname

Illustration Hazuki Futaba
Translation JC

Changing Fate By Changing Loyalties!

On the night of the Star Festival, an event to celebrate the founding of the proud, illustrious Kingdom of Heilland, Queen Alicia was stabbed through the chest and killed by revolutionary soldiers storming the castle… Or so she thought. Princess Alicia wakes on the morning of her 10th birthday, memories of the “Night of the Revolution” fresh in her mind, and realizes that she has been given a chance to redo her life. It’s not long before she comes face to face with the handsome and mysterious young man who killed her last time… Granted a chance at redemption by the whims of fate, Alicia works to change the disastrous future, this time with revolutionary mastermind turned princess aide Clovis by her side!

©Roku Kaname 2017 / Illustration by Hazuki Futaba