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The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor

The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor Cover

Genres: Time Rewind, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Enemies to Lovers, Overpowered, Royalty, Time Travel, Magic, Rewriting History, Strong Heroine, Age Gap


Full Eng Title: The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor


Format: Print & Ebook
Price: Digital $7.99 USD & Paperback $13.99 USD

By Sarasa Nagase

Illustration Mitsuya Fuji
Translation Jenny Murphy

From The Guillotine To Dragon Consort!

Jill is sentenced to death by the crown prince, her fiancé. But just before she dies, she’s sent back in time six years to the party where their engagement had been decided. To avoid this route of ruin, Jill immediately proposes to the person standing behind her…but it’s the man who was her greatest enemy, Emperor Hadis?! Jill knows all about his future descent into evil. She quickly retracts the proposal, but the delighted Hadis takes her back to his castle and makes her a meal. Completely won over by the food, Jill makes a life-changing decision…

“I’m going to reform—no, I’m going to make you happy!”

It’s time to redo this life with the enemy!

©Sarasa Nagase 2020 / Illustration by Mitsuya Fuji