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The Dragon’s Soulmate is a Mushroom Princess! Volume 3

The Dragon’s Soulmate is a Mushroom Princess! Volume 3 Cover

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Royalty, Shoujo, Mushrooms, Fae, Dragons, Fairies

竜の番のキノコ姫 ~運命だと婚約破棄されたら、キノコの変態がやってきました~


Format: Print, Ebook & Audiobook
Price: Digital $7.99 USD Print $14.99 USD

By Hanami Nishine

Illustration poporucha
Translation Evie Lund

The Truth About Mushrooms!

Agnes has never thought much of herself or her troublesome ability to commune with divine spirits, which has plagued her life with randomly sprouting mushrooms. But now that Prince Claude has assured her of his love and acceptance, she’s started to regain some of the confidence and self-esteem that she lost during her long, painful engagement to her ex-fiancé.

But Claude isn’t just a prince—he’s a man who carries Dragon’s Blood in his veins, and as his Dragonmate Agnes has to come to terms with what that means for their relationship. Before she gets much of a chance though, a new mystery begins to unfold—a number of discrepancies come up regarding the tragic carriage accident that sent Agnes’ parents to their deaths.

The two lovers head off to the spring where Agnes’ parents first met, searching for answers, but find their efforts stymied when Agnes is kidnapped and spirited away to the neighboring country of Orielle! Trapped in a foreign land, Agnes is forced to confront the truth behind her divine power, even as she comes face-to-face with the country’s royal family.

And when Prince Claude realizes Agnes has been taken from him, he just might develop a new power of his own…