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The Saint’s Belated Happiness

The Saint’s Belated Happiness Cover

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Demon Prince, Royalty, Drama, Shoujo, Saint, Political Marriage


Full Eng Title: The Saint’s Belated Happiness: Newly Single, Now Living with the Demon Prince


Format: Ebook
Price: Digital $7.99 USD

By Hari Garasumachi

Illustration Yotsuba Hanada
Translation Kai Sadler

“Well, what do you expect? You’re twenty-seven years old now.”

Saint Marialite can’t believe her ears when her fiancé, the crown prince, breaks off their engagement due to her age. She doesn’t let that get her down, though; considering the hardship she has endured over the past few years, her mental fortitude allows her to calmly accept the prince’s decision and return home. However, when she gets there, she finds…a boy with horns?! The demon prince grows at an unbelievable speed, and in no time at all, he falls head over heels in love with Marialite. Now, he’s determined to bring her back to his own country! What might bloom between the easygoing saint and the naïve demon prince in this romantic fantasy?

©Hari Garasumachi 2021 / Illustration by Yotsuba Hanada

The Saint’s Belated Happiness

The Saint’s Belated Happiness Cover
The Saint’s Belated Happiness