Cross Infinite World

Character Profiles

Azusa Saito Character Profile Picture

Azusa Saito Heroine

Age: 17

Height: 5’2”/158cm

Description: The Heroine of the story, Azusa is a strong-willed, penny-pincher who cares about her family. She’s better suited for winning kendo championships than sitting in class taking tests. Her greatest complex is her short height. Her origins and blood put her at the center of a battle between vampire covens.

Kouya Character Profile Picture

Kouya Doumeki

Age: 23 (in appearance)

Height: 5’9”/ 180cm

Description: A red-eyed vampire who doesn’t drink blood for unknown reasons. He always wears casual clothes consisting of slacks and a t-shirt. A quiet, unsociable person who sticks to himself, Kouya somehow gets stuck with the unwanted job of watching over Azusa.

Subaru Character Profile

Subaru Shiranui

Age: 25 (in appearance)

Height: 5’9”/ 180cm

Description: Kouya’s best friend. A handsome man with catlike eyes. Subaru is Ichi’s contract partner and also her adopted older brother. He’s often the voice of reason for Kouya.

Hitoka (Ichi) Shiranui Character Profile Picture

Hitoka (Ichi) Shiranui

Age: 20 (in appearance)

Height: 5’4”/165cm

Description: Ichi is a beautiful cross-dressing (though not intentionally) woman who is entrusted with monitoring Azusa when Kouya isn’t around. She is contracted with Subaru and is his younger sister by adoption. She becomes close friends with Azusa despite their complicated situation.

Youta Kisaragi Character Profile Picture

Youta Kisaragi

Age: 16

Height: 5’6”/170cm

Description: Kouya’s half-brother from another mother. He becomes Azusa’s classmate. His angelic looks attract a lot of fangirls, but his cunning personality makes him more devilish than his looks. Kisaragi is his mother’s last name, and he will switch between it and Doumeki to fit the situation. He instantly hits it off with Tsukiharu.

Tsukiharu Hiragi Character Profile Picture

Tsukiharu Hiragi

Age: 17

Height: 5’4”/165cm

Description: Tsukiharu is a human who escaped the Blue Coven research facility and has an obsessive fascination with Azusa. With black hair and eyes, he looks like any seventeen-year-old found on the streets of Japan. Despite having grown up under the Blue Covens’s jurisdiction, he is currently acting independent of any coven.