Cross Infinite World

Beast † Blood

Beast † Blood Cover

Genres: Science Fiction, Alien Romance, Action, Futuristic, Smut, Josei, Cyberpunk, Mature

Completed Series

Format: Print & Ebook
Price: Digital $8.99 USD Print $14.99 USD

By Sato Fumino

Illustration Akira Egawa
Translation Charis Messier

Desperate to escape her successful sister’s shadow, Euphemia seeks independence as a biotech researcher fixated on destroying Nightz, a dangerous narcotic sought across the colonies. She never believed her life was in danger until a group of men pulled her from her car at gunpoint.

Euphemia had also never met a Beast Blood, the nonhuman subspecies with animalistic qualities, until she was rescued by one.

Zelaide is a Muta Hunter and a Beast Blood. When his hunt is interrupted by Euphemia’s attackers, he saves her on a whim. Never expecting to see Euphemia again, he’s shocked to receive a job protecting the spunky researcher who just might be his lifelong mate.

Follow Euphemia and Zelaide as they navigate a colony world brimming with peculiar beasts, powerful narcotics, dangerous criminals, and a budding, interspecies romance!

Warning: Beast Blood contains action-packed Sci-Fi violence, attempted sexual assault, dark themes, steamy and sexy romance scenes, alien romance, and other trigger-worthy adult situations.