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Labyrinth Angel

Labyrinth Angel Cover

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Psychic, Butler, Assassin, Action, Drama, Violence, Mystery, Thriller, Josei, Mature, Yandere, Ecchi, Jealous Love, Smut

Format: Ebook
Price: $8.99 US

By Nao Tamaki

Illustration nijyousyou
Translation Jackie McClure

An esper heiress and a combat butler, nothing can stand in the way of this ultimate combo!

Satsuki is the envied heiress of the Tsujikawa Corporation. Girls at her high school for the rich and pampered pretend to worship the ground she walks on, her father’s business partners suck up to her, and her parents act like they aren’t scared of her. What they don’t know is that Satsuki’s privy to all the horrible things they think about her—because she’s an esper.

With the power of telepathy and telekinesis at her fingertips, Satsuki is constantly fighting not to lose control and do something unthinkable—again. Fortunately, Shindo, her childhood-assassin-turned-butler, is the one person who knows her secret and has her back.

But when her very own father demands she marries one of five potential suitors, Satsuki despairs at the pale emotion their attention elicits compared to the taboo passion she harbors for Shindo. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her suitors begin dying mysteriously just as one of them threatens to expose her darkest secrets to the world.

With Shindo at her side, Satsuki must solve the murders, but can she do it without becoming a monster first?

Warning: Labyrinth Angel contains bloody violence, attempted sexual assault, dark themes, steamy and sexy romance scenes, jealous butlers, and other trigger-worthy adult situations.

Labyrinth Angel