Cross Infinite World

Character Profiles

Kanon Character Profile Picture

Kanon Protagonist

Age: 17

Height: 5’3” / 163cm

Likes: Singing

Dislikes: Conflict

Treasure: Flower hairclip she received from her grandmother

Description: Kanon, an average high school girl, is suddenly plunged into the alternate fantasy world of Reveur! She is feared and hunted the moment she appears because her hair turns silver when she sings, marking her as the legendary Silver Siren. Rag saves her from prison and they start their journey in search of the way to send her back home and to free him from his curse.

She is a cheerful girl who adores her grandmother.

Rag Character Profile Picture

Rag Sorcerer

Age: 19

Height: 6’ /183cm

Likes: The Power of Nature that acts as the foci of his Sorcery

Dislikes: Troublesome things, Weaklings, Ernest

Treasure: Nothing in particular

Weapon: Dagger

Description: Rag is known as one of the most distinguished Sorcerers in all of Reveur. He was cursed by someone to transform into a boy every time he uses his Sorcery. He grudgingly travels with Kanon in hopes of her ability being able to free him from this curse.

He is short-tempered and often in a bad mood, but the others can get on his good side by praising his skills with Sorcery. He is always wearing a bandana around his forehead.

Mini Rag Character Profile

Mini-Rag Cursed Form

Age: 10 (in appearance)

Height: 4’6” / 141cm

Description: Rag is cursed to transform into his ten-year old body after using Sorcery. He can’t stand it when Serene hugs him and chases him around like a crazed fangirl.

Serene Character Profile Picture

Serene Veteran Mercenary

Age: 26

Height: 5’8” / 178cm

Likes: Mini-Rag, Love Stories

Dislikes: Sordid men

Treasure: Her favorite Bastard Sword

Weapon: Bastard Sword (A style of Long Sword)

Description: Serene is a veteran female mercenary who has been fighting on war-torn battle fields since she was fourteen. She is usually calm and collected, but a switch flips when she sees mini-Rag causing her to jump him the moment he appears. She joins Rag and Kanon on their journey in order to stop Rag from getting freed from the curse that turns him into a little boy. She’s a self-proclaimed gourmet.

Ernest Character Profile Picture

Ernest ?

Age: 20 (in appearance)

Height: 5’7” / 174cm

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Treasure: ?

Description: Ernest is the mysterious, seemingly young man, who always appears in front of Kanon in an incorporeal body. He tells the others he is imprisoned somewhere on Reveur, but won’t say where. He is the one who cast the curse on Rag and possesses the one thing that will send Kanon back to her own world—or so he claims.

Mini Boo Character Profile

Boo Monster

Age: 5 (in human years)

Height: 5" (not including wingspan)

Likes: Rag, bugs (food)

Dislikes: Human children

Treasure: Rag's hair

Weapon: His piglet nose

Description: Boo is a cute nocturnal monster that cannot speak to people, but understands what they say. He is Rag’s partner and lives in his hair.

Leise Character Profile Picture

Leise Augur

Age: 13

Height: 5’ / 154cm

Likes: Citizens of Verk, Cooking

Dislikes: Sorcerers

Treasure: A handmade necklace that is a memento of her deceased mother

Description: Leise is a kind-hearted girl who is cursed with a short lifespan due to her ability as an Augur. She cares greatly for the people of Verk, who she protects.

Laut Profile Picture

Laut Leise's Younger Brother

Age: 10

Height: 4’5” / 140cm

Likes: Leise's cooking, insects, and animals

Dislikes: Bitter vegetables

Treasure: A sculpture wild (his Father) made for him to look like his mother.

Description: Leise’s younger brother. Laut is a cheerful boy who isn’t afraid of anything. He has a secret he is afraid to tell anyone else.

Wild Character Profile

Wild Old Soldier / Father

Age: 38

Height: 5'2" / 191cm

Likes: Memories of his deceased wife

Dislikes: Heights

Treasure: His children: Leise and Laut

Weapon: Club

Description: Wild is a veteran warrior and a man of few words. He deeply loves his family and puts them above all else. His hobby is carving.