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New Light Novel: Beast † Blood!

At Cross Infinite World we’re always searching for unique series that bring something new to the plate and we’ve done just that with the acquisition of Sato Fumino’s steamy science fiction romance light novel series about a biotech scientist whose world suddenly gets flipped upside down when her sister hires an alien mercenary to be her bodyguard! If you’re looking for a josei light novel series with adult characters and situations, Beast † Blood is the 2-volume romance series for you!

Beast † Blood by Sato Fumino; Illustration by Akira Egawa :

Desperate to escape her successful sister’s shadow, Euphemia seeks independence as a biotech researcher fixated on destroying Nightz, a dangerous narcotic sought across the colonies. She never believed her life was in danger until a group of men pulled her from her car at gunpoint.

Euphemia had also never met a Beast Blood, the nonhuman subspecies with animalistic qualities, until she was rescued by one.

Zelaide is a Muta Hunter and a Beast Blood. When his hunt is interrupted by Euphemia’s attackers, he saves her on a whim. Never expecting to see Euphemia again, he’s shocked to receive a job protecting the spunky researcher who just might be his lifelong mate.

Follow Euphemia and Zelaide as they navigate a colony world brimming with peculiar beasts, powerful narcotics, dangerous criminals, and a budding, interspecies romance!

Beast † Blood will be available digitally worldwide on February 28th, 2019 for $8.99. You can pre-order your copy through amazon now: