Cross Infinite World

Tia La Cherla

Tia La Cherla Cover

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance

Format: Electronic Book
Price: $8.99 US

Story and Art by Yun Amano

Translation Charis Messier

“This is the story of the beginning of the end…let me recount how it happened for you, my friend.”

In a world where humans and spirits coexist, Erda is lured by a mysterious voice away from his peaceful life in the tiny port city of Arma to a fateful encounter with a beautiful girl who has lost her memories.

Drawn to the mysterious girl, Erda gives her the name Ruin and takes her under his wing. But Erda soon discovers Ruin possesses the powerful ability to control the great spirits of darkness said to have once nearly destroyed the world.

Erda is thrust into making the difficult decision to leave behind everything he knows and take Ruin on the run from people intent on manipulating her powers. What he doesn’t know is that his choice sets the destruction of the world into motion…

Tia La Cherla

Tia La Cherla Cover
Tia La Cherla

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