Cross Infinite World

Character Profiles

Hero Character Profile Picture

Hero (Sawa) Heroine


Description:Sawa is a normal Japanese 5th grader who suddenly ends up in a fantasy world. Once there she finds herself setting off on an adventure as Hero to defeat the Witch wreaking havoc on the world.

Servant Character Profile Picture

Servant Supporter


Description: Servant is primarily a magic user, but often serves as the vanguard to protect Hero who isn’t used to fighting. He serves diligently, no matter the situation. Often leading to him being covered in fresh wounds.

Dagger Character Profile

Dagger Blade

Age: Unknown

Description:Dagger is a descendant of a family line with a unique gift. He met Hero in the Port City Rilette.

Lady Knight Character Profile Picture

Lady Knight Captain of the Engram Knights

Age: 19

Description:Lady Knight is a platoon captain in the Engram Knights. She lives for her convictions as a knight and has a habit of rushing into things.

Lilith Character Profile Picture

Lilith Witch of Night


Description:All that is known of the Witch Lilith is her contempt for Humanity and mysterious power over the Mist. She harbors special interest and feelings for Servant.