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Little Hero

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Genres:Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Cross World, Shoujo, Shounen

Format: Electronic Book
Price: $8.99 US Special Edition
Pages: 217
ISBN-10: 1-945341-02-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-945341-02-1

Story and Art by Wakasa

Translation Charis Messier

One day after school fifth-grader Sawa is suddenly enveloped by a bright light, and moments later an unfamiliar landscape straight from a fantasy novel stretches out before her. With no way to return to Earth, she’s forced to accept the role of the “Dawn Hero” and save the world from being devoured by the Witch’s mist.

Sawa quickly learns no one goes by their name in this new world—only by their role in life. From then onward, she is known only as Hero. She is accompanied by Servant, Dagger, and Lady Knight on her adventure to fulfill her role as the hero who will save the world! Will this little hero be able to live up to the role forced upon her? Will she ever return home?

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Little Hero Cover
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